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WILIER Accessories WILIER Red Cycling Club Socks

Κατασκευαστής: Wilier Triestina
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90% Polyamide (Hydrogen), 10% Elastane

Meryl® Hydrogen is a premium microfiber that possesses superb volume and irresistible peach touch while hydrating your skin.

- Hydration; thanks to its special production process, Meryl Hydrogen provides skin with an extremely hydration effect
- Antistatic; Meryl Hydrogen, because of its natural moisture, inhibits the buildup of static electricity
- Breathability; the construction of Meryl Hydrogen microfibers allows the passage of air and moisture, resulting in fantastic breathable fabrics
- Elasticity; excellent comfort due to Meryl Hydrogen’s inherent stretch and recovery.
- Stretch foam insert
- Height 18 cm

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